Reached the threshold of the fortieth anniversary, ACM boasts a long-standing experience in the field of high quality woodworking machines and more.

Acm has always been located in Novellara, where it spreads over an area of approximately 3,000 m² and is constantly growing.
Flexible and efficient production lines, which always provide for final testing, are the backbone of an entire company process aimed at maximum safety for workers and quality: characteristics transferred to the products offered and appreciated by all of our customers.

GManagements, commercials and administratives offices so as the technical department form together an irreplaceable internal link between the various parts of the Company.
The strong integration of all its parts allows ACM to be ready to answer to every customer's need with concrete and customized solutions, very quickly.


Since 1979 the Italian creativity at the service of excellence

3,000 square metres
of covered area
product lines
More than 100 countries
Made in Italy


ACM was founded in 1979 originated by an idea of Tiziano Ascari, its current administrator and president, as a small artisan company. Since that time it never stopped designing and manufacturing machines and solutions dedicated to woodworking.

Deeply rooted in its territory, but open to all horizons, ACM has always been worldwide market oriented, and has become the protagonist of a continuous innovation and expansion process; ACM establishing itself in a leading position in the Italian, European and Global woodworking machinery industry.

In Novellara factory plant, the production of woodworking machines experience has been consolidated and, after the first traditional band saw lines, the offer has been expanded to the oscillating belt sanders.

Curiosity, collaboration and spirit of innovation gave birth to various lines of special band saws, in certain cases patent protected.

Since 2009 ACM has developed its range of horizontal CNC panel saws.