ACM SERVICE offers complete solutions for every cutting and processing needs for wood and different materials, including a careful service of design, construction, installation and maintenance of machinery tailored to the needs of each customer.

Personalization, studies and collaborations

The challenges fascinate us as much as the creation of new and innovative solutions.
The objective of this process is to interpret and translate the needs of our customers into technical characteristics, to provide new tools for their evolution.
ACM is able to develop feasibility studies, prototypes and ad hoc applications, concretely projecting its forty years of experience into the future.
In case of dimensions, processing or special materials we will be happy to offer you a customized solution. We invite you to write to us at

Spare parts service with express courier

The tranquility of a timely supply service.

  • Original spare parts dedicated to each model
  • Support for the identification of the piece and assistance in the installation and restoration of the machine
  • Quick evasion and shipping through the best international couriers.

ACM Service

  • Installation of machines and production lines
  • Training
  • Maintenance, revisions and upgrades
  • Remote assistance: Each beam saw has a diagnostic program and, thanks to the Internet connection, it is possible to receive assistance directly on the machine. Thanks to the remote assistance, an expert technician is always available to quickly solve any malfunctions, avoiding loss of time.
  • Training and updating for customers and resellers: in the ACM plant there is a training center for training and training courses dedicated to our dealers.
  • For beam saws and CNC machines we organize training for end users directly on their machines or at their headquarters, in order to make our customers autonomous from the first power up of their machine.